Partners Search for Lifelong Learning Program | Roma Networks

LLP Call for proposals 2012 (Key Activity 1.3.2): Support for network activities for awareness-raising of the most successful experiences in the social integration of Roma, including cultural, linguistic and social aspects. The consortium is formed by: Taller-ACSA (Spain); Dirección General de Coordinación de Políticas Migratorias, Consejería de Empleo, Junta de Andalucía (Spain); Dipartimento dei Servizi Sociali e della Salute del Comune di Roma (Italy); Programma Integra (Italy); Oasi (Italy).

The project aims at the reinforcing the commitment of all relevant actors responsible for the integration of Eastern EU Roma migrants trough the exchange of good practices on the development and implementation of successful integrated approaches towards education and housing. Our goal is the creation of a robust European network aimed at promoting on the long-term a virtuous cycle of mutual policy learning in these fields. At this scope we are looking for EU partners (research boards, public institutions and third-sector organizations) with experience or interest in the development, implementation and evaluation of integrated practices on education and housing implicitly or explicitly addressed to Eastern EU Roma migrants.

For more details, please contact at before the 5th of february 2011.