REdHNET events: first Transnational Meeting and Dissemination Conference

On the 13th and 14th of June 2013 the 1° Transnational Meeting and the Dissemination Conference of the REdHNET project will be held in Sevilla (Spain). In the Transnational Meeting the partners will discuss the Position Paper for the formalization of the Network. During the Dissemination Conference the project will be presented  to partners, associated partners, local stakeholders and relevant actors.

The main objective of the project ‘REdHNET – Romani People and Educational and Housing Policies: Key Links to Share’ is to create and expand an European Network formed by public institutions and civil society organizations aimed to promote the mutual policy learning and reinforce the political commitment among the actors involved in the development and implementation of local practices in the field of education and housing aimed to Roma migrants, in particular from Romania and Bulgaria,  in both countries of origin and destination.

The instruments for the progressive construction of the Network, as well a product of it, are 5 Transnational Meetings (TM) which will be held during the project’s life.

The first one will be specifically dedicated to the construction and formalization of the Network itself and will be held on the 13th of June in Sevilla. Partners and associated partners will discuss the Position Paper for the formalization of the Network.

The next day, on the 14th of June, the Dissemination Conference will be held in Sevilla at Centro del Profesorado de Castilleja de la Cuesta – Avenida de la Diputacion – Castilleja del la Cuesta.

Dissemination Conference – Program of the day

  • 10,45 – 11,15: Registration and Reception
  • 11,15 – 11,30: José María Vázquez de la Torre Prieto (CEP Castilleja de la Cuesta): Welcome
  • 11,30 – 12,00: Giuseppe Beluschi Fabeni (Taller ACSA): ‘Romani migrations in Europe: concepts and perspectives’
  • 12,00 – 12,30: José Manuel Blanco Marcos (CEP Castilleja de la Cuesta): Presentation of the REdHNET project and partnership
  • 12,30 – 13,00: Stefano Piemontese (Taller ACSA): ‘Links to share’, presentation of the research activities
  • 13,00 – 14,30: Stefano Piemontese, Giuseppe Beluschi Fabeni (Taller ACSA): Position Paper: presentation, debate and subscription
  • 14,30: Lunch

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